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We are happy to announce that Wear Moi is now making our school uniforms!
Recommended products and styles are as follows: 



  • Leotard for Technique Classes– Faustine in Black

  • Leotard for Pointe Classes – Faustine in Navy Blue

  • Leotard for Variations Classes– Balkala in White

  • Dancers may wear the leotard of their choice for Pilates, Spanish, Modern, Jazz and Stretch Classes

  • Tights – DIVO 1 or DIVO 3, Pink for ballet, pointe and variations, black for Spanish, Modern, and Jazz. Other brands of tights may be worn for classes.

  • Shoes: Pink ballet slippers​, Pointe shoes: as many as needed, black jazz shoes for Spanish and Jazz

  • Skirts: Black Character skirt for Spanish

  • Hair: Must be in a bun and away from the face



  • Shirts for Technique and Variations Classes – Conrad in White

  • Solid color for Spanish, Modern, Jazz, Weight Training and Stretch Classes 

  • Tights: Solo or Orion in Grey for Technique and Variations, Black for modern and jazz, shorts permitted for Weight Training 

  • Shoes: Grey for ballet and variations, black jazz shoes for Spanish and Jazz

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