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Ballet Chicago’s annual new choreography showcase, DanceVision, returns again this November 12th and 13th with a fresh show entitled New Horizons.

November 12 at 6PM & November 13 at 5PM

Ballet Chicago 

17 N State Street 

Chicago, IL 60602

In collaboration with Merit School of Music, professional-track young musicians and dancers from Ballet Chicago will unite to take you on a trip around the globe, exploring scores by composers around the world. 


This year’s performance will include a live string quartet, brass quintet, an octet of acoustic guitars, and a brilliant pianist. New ballets were created by Durante Verzola, Miriam Mahdaviani, emerging artist Emma Kapteyn, and Ballet Chicago’s Resident Choreographer Ted Seymour. 


We hope that you will join us this year for a vibrant evening of live premiers!

Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test (within 72 hrs prior) for all guests 12 & up.

Masks required for all guests aged 2 & up.

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