To set up an in-class audition, contact Hannha Rosenfeld, hrosenfeld@balletchicago. To audition by video, please upload your video here.  

Please keep the video simple. Be sure you are the only person in the video. It is only to see your class work and not a choreographic exercise. If you have a performance video, you are welcome to submit it along with the required videotape. The full video should be no more than 15-20 minutes in length.

Please include with your video the following photographs:

  • First Arabesque (profile), women on pointe

  • Développé a la seconde (profile)

  • Grand plié in second position from the side

  • Sous sus, women on pointe

The video should include the following classroom exercises:

  • Barre Work

    • Plié​

    • Tendu

    • Dégagé

    • Ronds de jambe

    • Développés

    • Frappé

    • Ronds de jambes en l'air

    • Grand battement

  • Center Floor

    • Tendu​

    • Adagio

    • Pirouettes

    • Waltz

    • Petite allegro

    • Grand allegro

  • For Women

    • A pointe work combination, including turns en pointe​

  • For Men

    • Grand ​pirouette

    • Tour en l'air combination

For more information, please contact:

Brittany Hurst



Telephone: 312-251-8838

Fax: 312-251-8840

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