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William Miglino Alumnus, Former Dancer - Carolina Ballet, Current Faculty Member at Pacific Northwest Ballet

"Training at Ballet Chicago is unlike anything I have ever experienced. The caliber of ballet technique is excellent. The environment encourages a healthy, competitive camaraderie and inspires a great desire to learn. Not only is each individual fed with knowledge and technique, they are also given trust and responsibility. The lessons received through Dan and Patricia's masterful teaching go far beyond ballet and truly inform on a greater human level. Given the opportunity to perform world-class ballets in professional venues was another gift beyond value. As I reflect on my career and move forward as an instructor, choreographer, and artist in the field of ballet, I bring Ballet Chicago with me everywhere I go. Thank you, Patricia, for believing in me when nobody else would. Thank you, Dan, for your support and trust. I love you both."

Jake LaubBallet Chicago Studio Company Alumnus, Professional Dancer in NYC

"The quality of training at Ballet Chicago is truly exceptional. They gave me a command of ballet technique that was precise and powerful, yet also graceful and creative. They transformed me into a dancer who stood out in the professional world."

Brian RoethlisbergerBallet Chicago Studio Company Alumnus, Principal Dancer - Madison Ballet

"The training at Ballet Chicago was absolutely instrumental in my road towards becoming a professional ballet dancer. Starting ballet relatively late at the age of 15, Dan Duell & Patricia Blair quickly pushed me to that next level and constantly challenged me to become the best dancer I could be. The once-in-a-lifetime repertory, demanding classes, and tight-knit environment all contributed to making Ballet Chicago one of the most inspiring and growth-filled times of my life."

Jesse Campbell - Ballet Chicago Studio Company Alumnus, The Suzanne Farrell Ballet

"I was a participant in the men's scholarship program at The School of Ballet Chicago at a very formative time in my dance training. With Dan Duell and the talented male dancers in the program, I learned about the capabilities and physical athleticism that is inherent to male dancers in the professional ballet world. Prior to my experiences at Ballet Chicago I wasn't fully aware of my own abilities and desire to be a professional ballet dancer. It didn't take long for me to learn the tools and skills necessary to pursue a professional ballet career because of the school's precise curriculum. The overall dance training has prepared me for a variety of professional work and has especially prepared me for my current work with The Suzanne Farrell Ballet. I credit Dan and Patricia for giving me the desire to seek more for my dancing and pursue a career to reach my ability and potential."

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