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Ages 3 - 6 yrs


Ballet Chicago's Preparatory Division classes provide an inspired introduction to the arts with a focus on creativity, group interaction, motor skill development, and the joy of self-expression.

A unique feature of enrolling at Ballet Chicago is that students participate in a performance-based curriculum. On-stage experience builds confidence, promotes teamwork, and provides a twice-yearly benchmark for each child's progress. Our young dancers are given two exciting performance opportunities:

• Ballet Chicago's annual Nutcracker Performances (December)
• Annual School Performance (May)

For summer activity, Children's Theme Camps are offered for Preparatory Division students.


Ballet Chicago is an internationally recognized professional-track school of ballet dedicated to rigorous technical training in a culture that fosters personal growth. The School curriculum is based on the ballet technique established by George Balanchine who revolutionized the art form by expanding and streamlining the fundamentals of classical ballet. Artistic Director Daniel Duell and School Director Patricia Blair, along with Ballet Chicago's esteemed faculty, provide one of the highest caliber curriculums in the nation. 

Ballet 1: $955


Ballet 2: $2,000


Ballet 3: $3,450


Ballet 4: $4,500


Ballet 5: $5,700



Ballet Chicago is an internationally recognized professional track school of ballet that creates exceptional dancers and people. Ballet Chicago believes every aspiring artist deserves the opportunity to explore his or her full potential, and strives to make classical ballet training accessible to all talented students who have the desire to dance. 

Ballet Chicago is dedicated to rigorous technical training in a culture that fosters personal growth. and by teaching impeccable technique as well as fundamental life skills, their students go on to find success in dance and life. 

Ballet Chicago founders and professional ballet dancers Daniel Duell and Patricia Blair create a powerhouse of talent. Mr. Duell is one of the world's finest ballet artistic directors, and was a long-time student of George Balanchine - an artist who revolutionized classical ballet and is regarded as one of the most influential choreographers in the world of ballet. Husband and wife team, Mr. Duell and Ms. Blair are committed to carrying on Balanchine's legacy by providing one of the highest caliber curriculums in the nation that is based on his technique. 

Through a special arrangement with the George Balanchine Trust, Ballet Chicago gives students the ability to perform a repertoire often reserved for professional companies. Ballet Chicago perpetuates the art form by bringing opportunities to experience classical ballet to Chicago through their Spring Repertory, The Nutcracker and out reach programs. Through master teachers, Ballet Chicago fosters technical, creative and performing excellence, and produces professional dancers that can be found in companies around the world. 


Ballet 6: $6,750

 This level offers a comprehensive curriculum of classes that incorporates daily technique classes as well as classes in pointe work, variations and pas de deux. Supplemental classes in yoga, Pilates and body conditioning are periodically offered throughout the year. Special seminars in nutrition and injury prevention are also offered.


Ballet 7: $7,800
Level 7 is a continuation of the Level 6 curriculum. At this level, students continue to hone their artistic and technical skills as they begin preparation for the annual audition process that professional dance companies conduct in search of new talent. Students at this level perform extensively throughout the year. Weekly class schedules will vary throughout the year to accommodate rehearsals and performances.


Men's Class: $7,800
This curriculum is designed to focus specifically on the physicality, strength and bravura that are hallmarks of the male dancer. In addition to the daily technique classes, classes are offered regularly in Men's technique, Men's variations, pas de deux and weight training.

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