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Neoclassic Innovations

Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7:00 pm


This week Ballet Chicago highlights new works created for the Ballet Chicago Studio Company. Three ballets of differing temperaments, choreographed by Ted Seymour, show a range of choreographic styles and the unique talents of the dancers. Brahms’ Intermezzi for Piano, Opus 117 sets a tender and intimate mood for 12 dancers, quietly urging them to dance in complex exchanges and patterns of unique invention and character. Intermezzi is a physical  manifestation of the struggle to balance one’s passion with reality. 

LongLivingLine is a ballet that dances on the edge of extreme seriousness and joyous fun. Choreographed in 2007 and set to a musical mix of the baroque master Antonio Vivaldi and the modern stylings of Aphex Twin, this ballet is an exploration of innovating through conceptual spatial restrictions.  A large cast of 25 dancers creates a visual feast for the eyes. Ted Seymour and the BCSC are very  excited to share LongLivingLine with new audiences as a 2019 revival. 

Celestial Rites was created for Ballet Chicago's Tchaikovsky celebration in 2013. Exploring space, tradition, beauty, and the mystery in art, Celestial Rites allowed Seymour and the Studio Company to dive inside and create from the values Tchaikovsky and Balanchine left for us. 

New ballet innovations have always been important to Ballet Chicago and we are excited to bring these works to new audiences. Enjoy!



Choreography by Ted Seymour

Music: Intermezzi for Piano, Op. 117 by Johannes Brahms

Pianist: John Mannos

Costume design and construction by Melissa Tulchinsky

World Premiere: May 2014




Dana Coons, Jade Eitner, Rylan Joenk, Devin Johnson,

Lucy Ordman, Taylor Richard, Audrey Senne, Hanna Stefansson



Choreography by Ted Seymour

Music by Antonio Vivaldi and Aphex Twin

Costume Design by Ted Seymour

Lighting Design by Margaret L Nelson

Ballet Chicago Premiere: 2007




Zoey Addison, Katherine Alvarado, Tru Annafi, Genevieve Boyle, Claire Brocker, Maya Canestaro,


Greer Den Houter, Eve Eismann, Tayte Joiner, Alyssa Kantner, Emma Kapetyn, Sara Kuzminski,

Kyra Lin, Isabelle Markel, Rebecca McCain, Brianna Moose, Emily Rice, Lucie Richard,

Ruby Sindelar, Anna Tworzyanski, Brooklyn Winter, Allison Yusim, Aleah Zucchi




Celestial Rites

Choreography by Ted Seymour

Hymn of the Cherubim: Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom by Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky

Costume Design by Melissa Tulchinsky

Lighting Design by Margaret L. Nelson

World Premiere – May 18, 2013




Emma Burton, Katrina Cassiere, Elyse Jost, Hannah Markowitz

Drew Pearson, Kyla Cakarnis, Hannah Rosenfeld, Talita Rubio


Cyrus Bridwell, Jordan Craig, James Heeney, Darius Malone, Alexander McCleery, Jordan Nelson

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