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Maggie came to yoga as a purely physical practice, aiding her dance training. She is now a professional dancer who spent four years obtaining her contemporary dance BA (Hons) and MFA overseas in England. Her final year abroad was spent touring internationally with a contemporary dance company, in which she was physically pushing her body but not caring for her mental health. She came back to yoga starting a consistent Bikram and Vinyasa practice, in which she saw transformational gains in her mind body connection and daily peace. After moving back to Chicago, Maggie completed her 200hr teacher training at Zen Yoga Garage through which she found a new community of movement lovers and practitioners. Maggie sees class time as a chance for her students to play and shift perspectives. Her classes always start with quiet meditation, an exercise to connect with the breath, and an anatomically mindful integration. Maggie plays between using traditional postures and exploring yogic philosophy all while providing a clever and imaginative sequence. She believes a yoga, or any movement class, should allow space for self-inquiry; taking time for a student to feel their whole selves connecting. She is currently teaching yoga around the city and performing with the dance theater company The Seldoms.

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