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Casey Cross is a pianist, composer, coach, and tutor in the Chicago area. He holds a Master of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Central Oklahoma.


Casey has over 4 years experience working extensively throughout the greater Seattle area as a class and rehearsal pianist. He has worked with the University of Washington as a collaborative pianist for classical voice, opera and instrumental chamber music. He also has over 6 years experience as a class pianist for ballet, jazz and contemporary dance styles from the University of Washington, Issaquah Dance Theater, Dance Fremont, The Ballet Studio in Seattle, Oklahoma City Ballet, and the University of Central Oklahoma. He has worked as a repetiteur for Pacific Northwest Ballet, and was a returning audition and rehearsal pianist for 5th Avenue Theatre.


Since his recent move to Chicago, Casey has begun work as a class pianist for Ballet Chicago and A&A Ballet, as well as an audition pianist for Marriott Theater and Roosevelt University’s musical theatre program. Casey teaches piano, voice and guitar, and he tutors music theory.    

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