2014 Spring Repertory

Divertimento No. 15
(World premiere 1956)
Music by W. A. Mozart
Choreography by George Balanchine
Length - 25 minutes

Set to W. A. Mozart's score of the same title, Divertimento No. 15 is Balanchine's second treatment of what he considered the finest
divertimento ever written. Incorporating many of the steps from his earlier work, Balanchine's final Divertimento No. 15 is a work
of classical brilliance and elegance widely regarded as a definitive illumination of Mozart's score.

Valse Fantaisie
(World premiere 1967)
Choreography by George Balanchine
Music by Mikhail Glinka
Length - 9 minutes

Originally part of a larger, four-part work, this brilliant waltz for a lead couple and four fleet-footed ladies is now performed as
an independent concert work. Its swift-moving choreography captures Glinka's sweepingly lush "Valse Fantaisie in B Minor" to perfection.

(World Premiere)
Choreography by Ted Seymour
Music by Johannes Brahms
Pianist - John Mannos

Brahms' "Intermezzi for Piano, Opus 117" sets a tender and intimate mood for 12 dancers, quietly urging them to dance
in moving exchanges and patterns of unique invention and character. Intermezzi is a physical manifestation of the
struggle to balance one's passion with reality.

(World premiere 1964)
Choreography by George Balanchine
Music by L.M. Gottschalk
Length - 8 minutes

Balanchine's Neapolitan virtuoso romp explodes with energy and speed, its eight minutes packed with verve,
excitement, and style. Inspired by the legend of gypsies bitten by a tarantula spider, Tarantella obliges its
duet of performers to joyfully "dance as if there is no tomorrow."

Ellington Suite
(World premiere 1987)
Choreography by Daniel Duell
Music by Duke Ellington

Composed in 1970, Duke Ellington's colorful symphonic masterpiece powerfully evokes the many moods and characters
of the mighty Mississippi. Duell's evocative and jazzy suite of five dancers visually brings to life these moods,
with images from the serene and romantic to swirling, high-octane energy.


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